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When I come to the end of stories, there's a part of me that thinks... Already? Am I sure? Is this right? Should I end here? But as surreal as it feels, I think this is the right place to stop.

Which means I've just finished book 2. And I'm not kidding when I say *just*. I'm posting this here because it's proven a useful touchstone to remind myself how far I've come.

From a fandom that gave me the courage to believe I could finish something, which up until then I never had, to finishing book two of a set of three original stories... I've come a long way, and hopefully this is just the beginning. Now on to proofing for book 2, and seeding book 1 plus a final proof, then... Submitting it somewhere? It's the Holy Grail for me: to be a published writer. Hopefully... But anyway - for now:

256 pages. 119,520 words.

Go me!
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OMG, I finished the first round of proofs!!!!!!!!! *dies* :-D Finally!!!!!
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I have a tendency to look at things as a success/failure, which isn't one of my better character traits. It also means I've been beating myself up this last week because I didn't accomplish all the things I wanted to, and have felt like I've written hardly anything. It never fails to bum me out how quickly all that downtime during the holidays get eaten up, too, which doesn't help.

Seeing everyone's Year in Review recap for all they've written made me realize that instead of just thinking I hadn't done much, why not go and actually figure out what I had done?

Very positive, n'est pas? ;-) See, I'm working on that whole positive world view thing. But hey, I write angst. So I come by it naturally. *g*

Here's what I found.
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Okay, it's official. I've signed up to do the November Writing Month.

What does this mean? I intend to write. A *lot*. But... Here's the catch. Instead of just trying to do one thing, or just do original work, I'll be hitting the stacks (of outlines). Old stuff, new stuff, whimsical, whatevs... Just to get me back writing.

After all, I've come to realize the best way to overcome my internal evil editor is to overwhelm the bastich, so to speak. ;-)

To those of you also going for it - I wish you the best of luck! As for me, if I make it, I figure I'm well on my way back to writer recovery. *g*
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Why oh why am I so prone to fangirlish addictions? My newest smack? Supernatural. Dear God in Heaven those boys are hot *fans self*.

So, that being said... My original stuff? Slow as molasses.

Trying to force the Muse is the equivalent to trying to push a burro from behind, and most likely just as foolish, too. The more I try, the more I freeze.

And when I can't write - I organize! Which means I now have an awesome little journal (okay, not so little), with all my plot outlines set into separate categories and divided by tabs and color coordinated and... Oooh shiny.

I'm saying all this 'cause, I think it's time to dabble in fandom again. I'm starting with Supernatural, so yo. Deal. This is for the Muse. And we don't want to piss off the Muse any more than I already have. After that? I have a notebook full of plot outlines for half finished stuff that, yes, I do want to complete. I am a bit of a closure nut. *shut up* ;-)

Stay tuned for more from this not so exciting corner of the lj... *g*
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Is anyone else having problems getting their "Friends" page to refresh? Mine seems stuck at August 3rd unless I hit the Navigation Bar "View" button that allows you to specify filters (such as Journals Only, or Communities Only). *glares at lj* Don't mess with the addiction, man... :-D

ETA: Found the problem! I had to clear out my browser cache in Firefox, and now all is well. *ah, blessed closure!* Thanks to everyone who commented!
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I came across an article yesterday (found here) that I became completely intrigued with. I finished it within a couple of hours. It was fascinating, and definitely a walk down memory lane for a variety of reasons. It's specific to the Harry Potter fandom, so if you're still interested in the ramblings of a nostalgic HP fanfiction author who misses the magic fandom had to offer right after Goblet of Fire, keep reading.

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... of Baja California.

We've officially gone off the reservation to vacation in Mexico for the first time ever (TJ does not count!).

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